Saskatoon Sailing Club


The Saskatoon Sailing Club (SSC) was established in 1963. It is a family-oriented club with facilities at Redberry Lake located approximately 80 kilometers north-west of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

The purpose of the club is to provide both facilities and structure that enhance the sailing experience of its membership.

If you have an interest in sailing, finding out more about the Saskatoon Sailing Club, or driving directions to the club, please contact us.

Safety at the Club

The site is situated in a relatively isolated location and there is very little traffic on or around the lake. Those who will be on the water alone should let someone ashore know about the intended destination and expected time of return. In most areas of Redberry lake there is good cell phone coverage through SaskTel.

Members and guests are strongly advised to sail in conditions which are well within personal skill levels, to assess the situation before leaving the shore, and to watch for weather changes on the horizon. For the experienced, Redberry Lake can provide some very exciting heavy air sailing.

Sailors must get off the water when even distant thunder is heard... and on the beach, stand clear of metal masts.

PFDs (Personal Flotation Devices) must be worn at all times while on the water!


Membership in the SSC includes use of the Sailing Club facilities at Redberry Lake. This includes a designated campsite for the season and use of the clubhouse. There is no drinking water on site, so members must transport their own. Washrooms are outdoor biffies. Members must provide their own boat or arrange for the use of one of the club boats.

Racing occurs every weekend, and members are encouraged to participate. Each member receives a key to the locked gate at the entrance (usually open during the season). Members are free to use the clubhouse for socializing; games are provided for children. This is a great place to congregate after the races, or on a rainy day.

Responsibilities of membership include participation in work weekends to ready or clean up the site for the season (usually in May and September), and doing duty on the committee boat for ONE weekend of racing during the summer. New members are partnered with those with more experience in running races, so that all gain familiarity with the rules and setting courses as well as with boat operation.

Click here to download the 2020 Membership Form. Membership dues must be paid by July 1.

Click here to download the COVID-19 procedures for members.

For further information, contact Natalia Rudnitskaya at

Saskatoon Sailing Club Members' Guide

Sailing School

Please check back for 2021 Sailing School info.

2020 Calendar

May 23-24 Work Weekend
May 30-31 Work Weekend
June 13-14 Race Training
June 20-21 Race Training
June 27-28 Club Racing
July 4-5 Club Racing
July 11-12 Club Racingk
July 18-19 Club Racing
July 25-26 Club Racing / Opti School
July 27-28 Sail Week / Learn to Sail Laser & 4.7 (adult & youth)
July 30-31 Laser for experienced teens & learn to race for adults
August 1-2 SSC Annual Regatta, Commodore's Cup, SK Laser and Radial Provincial Championships
August 8-9 Admiral's Cup (Club Racing)
August 15-16 Tumbleweed Worlds / Classic Boat Races (Club Racing)
August 17-18 Youth Beginner 4.7 / Radial
August 22-23 Short Course Championships / SK Masters & Youths
August 29-30 Club Racing
September 5-6 Club Racing
September 12-13 Work Weekend